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Rodney Rountree's Homepage on Fish Ecology

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Rodney Rountree auditioning wolf fish in the Amazon Rodney Rountree at Ross Castle Ireland Rodney Rountree in Port Royal SC
Rodney Rountree on NURC cruise Rodney Rountree listening to 
fish in Waquoit Bay Rodney Rountree listening to fish in Lake Champlain
Rodney Rountree and Mel Bell diving on artificial reefs c. 1985 Rodney Rountree on NMFS survey 1993 Rodney Rountree study of marsh creeks in New Jersey 1999

Hello. This site includes links to my research activities in Marine Biology and Ichthyology. It includes extensive data on fish sounds and fish diets. My interests include marine ecology, marine biology, ichthyology, marine invertebrate zoology, fish behavior, marine fish and invertebrate community and behavioral ecology, estuarine ecology, habitat use behavior, trophic structure, fish-invertebrate symbiotic behaviors, artificial reef ecology, schooling behavior, energy exchange between habitats through fish/invertebrate migrations, and use of fish vocal patterns as a tool to study their behavioral ecology and to identify essential fish habitats. I'm currently conducting studies on soniferous behavior of fishes and invertebrates which address the role of vocal communication in reproductive and predator avoidance behaviors, and that attempt to address habitat use questions (e.g., identification of essential spawning habitats/conditions) through automatic tracking of vocalizing fishes. One of my major research activities is in the rapidly developing field of passive acoustics, where I have been working to promote its application to fisheries science. Recently I have begun work on the soundscape of freshwater habitats, particularly in the Amazon River, Kennebec River, and Lake Champlain. Abstracts from many of my papers and slides from recent talks can be viewed in my online C.V. page. I've also included links to some selected figures and unpublished photographs from the field, as well as selections of my art, poetry, and theological writings. Two of my most popular sites are the "Fish Facts and Web links" page and the "Childrens Stories" page.

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About me

Passive acoustics research on fish sounds

Research on what fish eat, estuarine habitats and fish aggregation devices

Other topics

Old and inactive blog sites - but information still interesting


Please help support my research on fish sounds. A NON-Tax deductable contribution will be used to support purchase of equipment, software, travel, and publication of research.

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